Medical Equipment

First Aid Kits Factory Regulation 3 Kit FAK 02A, First Aid Kits Factory Regulation 7 Kit FAK 02B, First Aid Kits Mining Regulation Kit FAK 09A, First Aid Kits Motorist First Aid Kit 04, Household First Aid Kit FAK 03, Hikers First Aid Kit Small FAK 08A, Hikers First Aid Kit Large FAK 08B
Industrial First Aid Kit in PVC Bag PARA 13B, XL Underground Mining Kit FAK 09XL, Sport and Outdoor Kit FAK 06B, Underground Mining Kit FAK 09P, First Aid Haversack PARA 09Q, Mining First Aid Ouches MR 02 B1, B2, B3
Life Support Kits Advance PARA 01A, IntermediatePARA 01B, Basic Support Kits PARA 01C   

Special Paramedic Bag PARA 01/AS, Five-Pouch Paramedical Bag FAK06B, Help-it Burn Gel Sacket 3.5ml MUB/01F, Help-It Burn Dressing MUB/01A- 10cm x 10cm/MUB/01B-20cm x 20cm, Help-It Burn Dressing 40cm x 60cm MUB/01C, Help-It Burn Face Mask 30cm x 30cm MUB/01J

Help-It Burn Gel Kit MUB/01D, Easy Spray Sanitizer Fluid RP/02R, Plastic Eye Cups FAK09R, Help-It Sun Stop Bottles, Help-It Sun Stop FAK09T, Help-It Mosquito Stop FAK09U, Help-It Burn Gel Liquid Gel 175ml MUB/01E

Rescue (Space) Blanket FAK09F, Mouth to Mouth Protection PARA19A, Rescue Scissors FAK/09NL, First Aid Scissors Small FAK09N, Latex Gloves FAK09Ad, Plastic Forceps FAK9C

Delux Paramedic Bag With Shoulder Harness and Handles PARA/01A, Green inter-locking Splints PARA31, Rubber Tourniquet FAK09AF, Eyewash Bottles FAK09F, Eyewash Bottles and Station FAK09C

Digital Thermometer FAK16, Stethoscope Code: 326, Safety Pins FAK 09 AG, Walking Stick Code:325, First Aid Quality Metal Tweezers FAK 09Z, Aneroid Sphygmomanometer FAK 19
First Aid Blanket FAK 09Y
Stiff Neck Protector, Foam Collar PARA 03A, Spine Board Straps PARA 33, Trident Collar PARA 34, Paramedic Vests PARA 36, Fiberglass Paramedic Helmet PARA 35
Aluminium Stretcher PARA 38, Scoop Stretcher FAK 09H, Head Block Immobilizer PARA 14, Body Bag with Handles PARA 05A, Clear PVC Haversack FAK 01 CPH, Extrication Device PARA 32

Wooden Spine Boards PARA 30, Fibreglass Spine Board PARA 29A: 29B, Single Folder STretcher PARA 25A, Double Fold Stretcher Para 23A, Quarter Fold Stretcher FAK 091, Basket Stretcher PARA 37A: 37B

Green Fibreglass Box FB/GRB, Heavy Duty Stretcher PARA 37C, Spider Harnes PARA 07, Zip Stretcher with Handles PARA 04, Sharp's Bin PARA 37 8B, Camp Bed

CAMP 01, Greenline Conforming Bandages, Wide Open Weave(WOW) Bandages, Knitted Crepe Bandages, Woven Crepe Bandages, First Aid Dressing, Triangular Bandages

Rigid Strapping Plaster Roll, Elastic Adhesive Porous Bandage, Surgical Paper Tape, Clear Easy-Tear Tape, Blue Line Elastic Adhesive Bandages, Pink Electric Adhesive Strech Flesh Coloured

Hot / Cold Pack Code 321, Instant Disposable Ice Pack CODE 319, Adjustable Mouldable Finger Splint CODE 321, Adjustable Mouldable Foam Splint Code 320, Triangle Bandages with Pins CODE MTB 01B, Fabric Dressing CODE 322, Light Stick CODE 323

Help-It Cohesive Bandages, Help-it Fabric Tape on Spool MPS / 01A, Help-It Blue Plaster MPB / 01A, Help-It Plaster MPP / 01B, (N95)Particulate and Surgical Mask H12008  


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